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Clothed In Love



Mom made this dress for my first day of school last year.  The buckle is vintage.

Have you ever read Proverbs 31?  It tells about a wife of noble character.  The amazing woman described in the passage does many things, and one of the wonderful things she does is to clothe her family.  This reminds me so much of my Mom.  One of my earliest memories is hearing the whir of my Mom’s sewing machine and hearing the sharp click of her scissors as she cut the threads off of her latest project.  As a little girl, Mom made almost all of my clothes out of necessity.  Back then, I didn’t appreciate or understand how gifted she was at sewing, or how much love went in to every stitch that she made.  I was positive that when I grew up, I’d buy all my clothes at a fancy store- and I’d certainly never want anything homemade.

I am so thankful that after I grew up, I realized how unique and beautiful homemade clothing can be.  I didn’t appreciate Mom’s sewing as a child, but as an adult, I am in awe of her talent and generosity.


A sampling of the skirts that Mom has made for me this summer.

These days, my Mom makes almost all of the clothes that I wear.  The styles are often taken from vintage patterns from the 1950s.  Mom and I have so much fun visiting different fabric stores together and finding unique and fun prints for each outfit.  When I have on an outfit that she has made, I feel beautiful all day.


A 1950s style apron and dress.

I’m not quite sure that Mom realizes how talented she is or how special her handcrafted creations are to me.  I’m sure when she reads this blog, she will blush and say, “Oh my goodness!”.  Besides being a talented seamstress, my Mom is unfailingly modest and humble.  She inspires me to try and be a better person each day. No matter how busy she is, she always has time to listen to others and to give an encouraging word.


Besides making this cute skirt, Mom found this beautiful vintage necklace for me in a thrift store.

Many times, Mom will get requests to sew for profit.  She almost always will shy away from that, preferring to sew only for her family or for charity.  Her hands fly and her sewing machine hums as she stitches away, making beautiful clothing, quilts, and pillows.  She quite literally clothes us in love!