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It’s So Fun To Live On A Farm!


“It’s so fun to live on a farm!”  I hear this comment quite a bit from different people.  They then proceed to tell me that they wish they could have a simple, easy, relaxed, life-style just like me.  In fact, it turns out, that they usually are planning to do it someday…

Well…..Ahem….I just think I may need to say a few words here….

I love my busy, unique, old-fashioned modern life!  Between home-schooling, teaching public school, being a farm wife, being a “modern working woman”, writing blogs, picking vegetables, playing music, and the million and one other things that I love to do, there is definitely never a dull moment.

It’s always at this time of year, however, that I feel like my busy, unique, old-fashioned modern life revs up into high gear and wildly catapults itself into warp speed.  At this time of year, instead of staying in their separate places, different parts of my life seem to combine themselves into the crazy dance that is known as….Springtime….

The tilt-a-whirl of this time of year usually starts about March when the market opens back up for the year.  It’s then that I realize Joey’s going to need my help working at our Farmer’s Market booth selling the wonderful plants and veggies that he’s grown.  About that same time, I also realize that he’d probably like a hand with some of the harvesting if I get home from school early enough.  

“Well, okay”,  I think to myself.  “That’s not so bad.  I can give up Saturdays to help at the market and a few hours during the week nights to help harvest.”  

All is well, but then, the thought strikes me that Elizabeth still needs to finish her lessons for the school year.  Fortunately, a little extra scheduled school time with Joey during the day helps with that.  But wait!  I almost forgot…  It’s the time of year for Elizabeth’s dance recital! So, a few extra dance practices get thrown in.  

Well.  Now, I’ve got everything set.  We’ll just stick to this schedule and hang in there until summer.  Only three more months, right?  Hold on…what did you say?  Asparagus is ready to be picked and frozen?  What?!  Broccoli is ready?!  The strawberries are coming on?  Guess I’d better work in some time to put some things in the freezer.  After all, what good is living on a farm if you can’t put your own food up for the winter?  

NOW…we are finally ready to just settle in and hang on until summer.  

Oh…hold on a second…I think….hmmm…I think that I still have a second grade teaching job to do.  You know, it is springtime.  The kids have been awfully good all year.  I really ought to do something special for them to celebrate the end of the year.  And then, there’s always report cards, conferences with parents, papers to grade, end of the year lessons to plan, a classroom to pack up for summer, and all those wonderful ideas that I’ve got stirring in my head for next year.  Guess I’d better add all those things to the schedule.  

If you haven’t already guessed, at this point, the schedule is no more.  It has disintegrated into a ragged, folded, ink stained, tiny, scrap of paper.  And honestly, I’m not even sure where in the house it is…. (My purse?  The greenhouse?  The refrigerator???!!!! How did it get in there?!)

Can anyone else out there relate?  I’m sure there are a lot of busy moms (and dads) that are saying, “Amen sister!”.  Springtime has a way of getting out of control.  

Even though things do get crazy around here, I try to keep focused on how richly blessed I am to get to do all of these amazing things that make up my life.  God has given me so many opportunities to share my talents and blessings with others.  

Even though I get tired (and sometimes ran down), it is so rewarding to get to talk with people at the Farmer’s Market about how to save seeds, cook a delicious recipe, can food, or plant a garden.  

I am also fanatical about teaching school.  I love teaching little ones that are eager to learn all the wonderful things about our amazing world.  Whether it’s sharing knowledge with my own little girl at home, or teaching a public school curriculum to the 23 children in my class at school, I am thankful that God has given me a chance to work with his precious little ones.

As for being the “farmer’s wife” and “Elizabeth’s mom”, well, those are the greatest blessings of all.  I am so thankful for my husband Joey.  I have never seen such a hard and diligent worker.  His honesty and perseverance inspire me every day.  As for Elizabeth, of course, I think she’s sweeter than sugar and twice as nice! I am so thankful for my little girl.

SO….when I have days like today, where I got up before dark, drove to Mountain Home with Joey and Elizabeth, delivered strawberries that we harvested last night to some wonderful customers, then went and put on a old-fashioned music show with our bluegrass band for 29 classes of school children at our school, then went back to school with the children and taught their lessons to them, then came home and took pictures for the farm website, then got fresh broccoli and things ready for supper, then went to town to deliver more strawberries, then really wanted to write a blog to share all of this….

It’s THEN… that I have to stop, be still, and remember that,honestly, it really is fun to live on a farm.  Even though it sometimes seems overwhelming, life on the farm is amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

  Playing Music


Our Group Playing Music for the School Children