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Amazing Vanishing Wrinkle Cream!


It’s new!  It’s fabulous!  It’s the amazing vanishing wrinkle cream!  Simply dab it on your wrinkles and they are instantly erased!  It’s amazing!  It’s tremendous!  It’s…..simply awful….

“Simply awful?”, you say incredulously.  “How could an amazing vanishing wrinkle cream be simply awful?”  It’s simple.  I like wrinkles.  Yes, that’s right.  I LIKE wrinkles!  Sit down, kick your shoes off, and let me explain.  

I think it all started when I was little and I would sit on my grandparent’s laps.  All of my grandparents had the most lovely wrinkles.  I can remember sitting there and absentmindedly tracing the lines on their faces and hands with my fingertips.  As I sat, I would enjoy being snuggled and safe, and hearing a story or two about their lives.  

To me, wrinkles speak of character.  Wrinkles tell stories of hot summer days spent working in the sun, of tired nights spent sorting out life’s problems around the kitchen table, of times of laughing so hard that tears ran down your face and you couldn’t breathe, of riding in the car with the windows open and the wind blowing your hair straight back, of holding back angry words when it’s better not to speak, of sending sons away to war, of giving daughters dressed in bridal gowns away in marriage, of celebrating life’s joys, sorrows, loves, and losses to the absolute fullest and never giving up- even when it’s hard.  

Another interesting things about wrinkles is that, most of the time, they are accompanied by knowledge.  Knowledge comes in many different forms.  Some people are book smart, some people have loads of common sense smarts, and some very blessed ones, are book smart and have common sense.  

My Grandpa Bob always said that you can learn something from every single person you meet.  I’ve found that the wrinkled people I meet usually tend to know more than those folks without wrinkles….at least, they tend to know more things that I would like to know about!

Today’s society sends a very strong message to women that the only way to be beautiful is to look incredibly young and to be painfully thin.  This is so untrue!  Think about your grandmother.  Did you think your grandmother was beautiful?  Of course!  Did she look like a twenty year old college student?  Let’s hope not!  There’s nothing wrong with trying to look your best, but I think that all to often, people get carried away with trying to fit into the young and thin mold.  Beauty is so much more than looking young.  True beauty comes from the inside and shows outwardly to others.  

Thankfully, being beautiful isn’t something that is only limited to the young.  Beautiful women come in all ages with all kinds of faces, body shapes, and skin types.     

Wrinkles are beautiful.  Young people don’t have wrinkles.  They take years to acquire, especially if you do sensible and smart things like protecting your skin from the sun.  Why would you want to try and erase something that takes years to form?  Be proud of your wrinkles!  Wear them boldly and be beautiful!